Running a digital label is a lot of work. We make it easy and sustainable.
Easily sign tracks, We send contracts and track approvals, One easy interface to upload and manage your releases. Fast distribution to Beatport, Juno, iTunes and beyond. Daily reports of sales and followers at Beatport. Promo discounts at VIP Ultima, Mjoozik, and Promo Push. Special Topple Track discount to protect your releases. Clear quarterly statements for you and your artists. Fast, reliable payments to you and your artists
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YouTube, Soundcloud, Shazam, WhatPeoplePlay, Google Play, Deezer, Audiolock
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Home to more than 600 record labels including Deer Dear, Lowbit, Spring Tube, Particles, Nueva Digital, Sound Avenue, Silk Royal, Mesmeric, Gartenhaus, Deep Beep, Balkan Connection, Silk Digital, Stellar Fountain, Bermudos, Portrait Digital, Arrival, Flow Vinyl, Mango Alley, Intricate, Macarize, and many many more.
Monetized DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music
Boost earnings & exposure with monetized DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music.
Proton unlocks the potential of your catalog by helping you and your artists
easily upload mixes that actually earn money for you and the DJ.
Maximize Your Beatport Earnings
Proton helps our labels collect the maximum possible Beatport payout
Get the benefits of being an exclusive label & collect your mechanical royalties too.

On average, labels switching to Proton from other distributors
have significantly increased their payout from Beatport.
Contact us for a personalized quote to see if you can earn more, too!
Performance Tracker -- Operate your label with a near real time view of its potential with daily sales updates from stores and powerful insights like Beatport follower reports and exclusive Averages for your label and artists.
Brand New Easy Expenses - From track expenses to release expenses to artist advances, Proton helps you easily recoup whatever your costs were before artists begin receiving royalties. Enter your expenses and Proton takes care of the math and accounting instantly.
Brand New Easy Expenses - From track expenses to release expenses to artist advances, Proton helps you easily recoup whatever your costs were before artists begin receiving royalties. Enter your expenses and Proton takes care of the math and accounting instantly.
The Hard Work
STATEMENTS Never worry about royalty statements again. We do it all for you. Proton generates a quarterly statement for each of your artists, then sends it via email and makes it available via SoundSystem. The statement breaks down sales by track, release and store. You don't have to do anything. Contracts Proton automatically generates and sends your contracts. Assign royalty percentages then send the contract with a click of the button. Artists receive contracts via email and can sign them online, hassle free. You can even assign royalty rates for other members of your team like Mastering Engineers, Graphic Designers or A&R Managers. PAYMENTS Proton sends your payments, too. From PayPal to Western Union to bank transfers, you do nothing and everyone gets paid. Artists and managers specify their payment methods and Proton does the rest automatically.
The Stores
Beatport Followers -- Proton reveals the number of Beatport followers your label has plus the followers of your entire artist roster. The numbers are updated daily so you can monitor progress in near real time. This provides essential insight for label managers when determining which artists to sign. Artist and Label Photos Always look good on Beatport. Proton helps you take control so you can add and update profile photos and logos any time. Fix Errors Quickly If you've ever had a mistake on a release then you know how important it is to get it fixed ASAP. Proton can help you fix errors on a release as quickly as possible on every store. Beatport FEATURES Each week more than 20 labels using SoundSystem are featured at Beatport. Proton can work with your label on strategies to get you features. We have a strong track record and relationship with Beatport because we do things right.
The Performance Tracker -- filled with data and tools to help focus your label, increase sales, and make better decisiions about which artists to sign. Get daily updates, sales tracking, and exclusive averages.

Proton promotes and features music from our labels across our website, radio station, newsletter and Facebook page. As your label and artists grow, you'll be eligible for more features and bookings on Proton Radio.
Radio Shows We've been broadcasting for over a decade. Our top labels and their artists are invited to host their own shows on our station. Airplay Labels on Proton are frequently invited to submit radio edits of their tracks to air unmixed between our scheduled radio shows which reach hundreds to thousands of dedicated listeners. Chart of the Day When labels have a big release, their artists can submit a Beatport Top 10 to be featured in Proton's Chart of the Day on Facebook reaching 20,000+ fans. Newsletter
Our weekly newsletter reaches over 175,000 fans and features the Top 50 new releases of the week from our labels and spotlights
major releases. Proton Compilations Our multiple compilation series by our station's top DJs feature only tracks from SoundSystem labels. If one of your tracks is selected, you earn the same percentage from the sale of that track as you do selling on your own label. In some cases our compilations can help double the sales of your original release.
The Extras
exclusive discounts Proton partners with promo pool companies VIP Ultima, Promo Push and Mjoozik along with anti-piracy site Topple Track to get labels a discount on their services. If you promote or protect your releases, save money by running your label with Proton. We've also partnered with Cid Inc. and Mautner Design for exclusive discounts on mastering and graphic design. Easily Make Compilations Re-release tracks without re-uploading WAVs or re-entering information using Proton's Compilation Tool. Simply select which tracks you want to re-release and that's it. Use it to put out compilations or a single from a previous album or EP. EXPERT ADVICE Receive SoundSystem-exclusive emails and newletters to help guide your label's success. proton Demo Reel Proton receives hundreds of unsigned demos every week from artists around the world in a variety of genres. We package these tracks and share them with all SoundSystem label managers to help you find great music. Each song comes with an email address so you can easily get in touch and sign a track.

Get Started with Proton. Jason will help you join or learn more.
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Ben Mautner Creative Director (Brooklyn)    Jacob Henry Account Manager (SAN FRANCISCO)
Sam Packer Co-Founder, Radio Manager, A&R (AUSTIN)   James Warren Editor, A&R (READING, UK)   Bon Spengler Submissions, A&R (Dallas)
Marina Gerardi A&R (Buenos Aires, argentina)   Max Flyantikov Asst. Account Manager (Zelenograd, Russia)
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